Password Reset System

Scheduled Downtime Notification

Please be advised PeopleSoft HCM, HR and Payroll, Employee Self-Service (ESS), CAM & Employee Expenses will not be available Saturday, January 16, from 12:01 a.m. thru 12 p.m. SSPR (Single Sign-on password reset) for these applications will also not be available.

New Self-Service Process for System Password Resets for employees.

RWJBH Password ResetRWJBarnabas Health has implemented a new system that enables users to reset their network password online, without having to call the Enterprise Service Desk. This feature makes password recovery/reset seamless and quick. The system is also now available for password resets for The Bridge and Employee Self Service.

The new process is in effect for employees.

Users who have forgotten their network, Bridge or Employee Self Service password will be able to request a password reset electronically, but must first register in order to use the system.

There are three steps to using the electronic password reset

In Advance

STEP 1: For all employees - Register as soon as possible

You must first register by logging into the password reset system with your network ID and answering a few security questions of your choice. After setting your questions and answers, the information will be used to verify your identity whenever you need to reset your password.

  • View detailed instructions on registering

  • NOTE: STEP 2 & STEP 3 below do NOT pertain to CSH

    STEP 2: For employees only - Update your work cell and/or personal cell phone number in PeopleSoft Employee Self Service

    When you request a password reset electronically, you will receive a text message to your cell phone with a code to be used a part of the reset process. You can add or update your work cell phone number in Employee Self Service

  • View detailed instructions on updating your work cell and/or personal cell phone number
  • When Needed

    STEP 3: Request a password reset electronically.

    Once you are registered and have updated or added your work and/or personal cell phone number in PeopleSoft Employee Self Service, you are able to use the electronic password reset system by pressing alt + ctrl + delete and then clicking on “Forgot Password’, or by clicking on the RWJBH RESET icon on your desktop.

  • View detailed instructions on requesting a password reset electronically